Peace Corps Take Two: Becky in Ukraine

This is my Peace Corps story. The contents of this site do not represent the opinions of Peace Corps, the U.S. Government, Ukraine, or anybody else. Just me.

You don’t see this back home…. April 15, 2012

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I am about a month away from the end of my service, and I have a group of photos of things I’ve seen over my two years that I thought you all might appreciate.  Some of these photos had to be taken quickly and on the sly, so you’re lucky I’m so brave. 


For our first category….bad English!  As you know, many products are manufactured in countries where English is not the native language, yet they make products with English writing.  Sometimes, they make mistakes, and then they have to sell the stuff in Ukraine where no one will know the difference.  Here are some examples:


This was written on my student’s stuffed animal/backpack



This was written on a plastic bag I saw on the train.  I would love suggestions on what you think it means.



I saw this written on a guy’s bag on a crowded bus.  While I have “no concept” what this means, and it’s not a great idea to take your camera out on the bus, I had the “good sense” to take the picture anyway.


And now for some other things you won’t see back in America:



I took this in my regional capital.  People in wheelchairs, this sidewalk is not for you.  You’ll need to hop over the curve and dodge the potholes as you cross to other side of the street.




Here is a picture of a woman  cutting her hair on a bench at the busiest intersection in our regional capital of Khmelnitskyy, a town of 300,000 people.  In case you don’t believe me, here’s the close up:



As you may notice in this zoomed-in photo, she was using a kitchen scissors.  Before this, she cut her nails with these same scissors, and afterward, she pulled out a tweezers and plucked her eyebrows.  Then she took out her cellphone and had a rather lengthy conversation.


I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Miss you!  See you all soon!


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