Peace Corps Take Two: Becky in Ukraine

This is my Peace Corps story. The contents of this site do not represent the opinions of Peace Corps, the U.S. Government, Ukraine, or anybody else. Just me.

Article about Together for Health and a Call for Help March 2, 2012

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Hey everyone.  I know that it’s been a while.  Things here are winding down.  I officially have under three months left, and my spring is already looking pretty busy.  I just have two quick things to mention today.


The first is about a project very close to my heart.  Every summer the Gender and Development council puts together three camps (two for girls, one for boys) to teach leadership and other life skills.  One of my students went last summer, and not only did she learn a lot, but she also gained a level of confidence that I rarely see in my students.  In order to make the camp affordable for Ukrainian students, we need help from friends and family back home.  If you’d be willing to donate anything at all, I’d really appreciate it.  If you think you can donate, here is the link:  Girls Leading Our World/ Teaching Our Boys Excellence


The second thing I wanted to mention is an article about our project with Together for Health that USAID featured on their website, and I thought you might want to take a look:  Together for Health Article


Thanks for reading.  See you all soon.


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