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Girls Leading Our World/ Teaching Our Boys Excellence March 8, 2011

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Hello friends and family!

First off, I hate asking for money.  However, this is a project which is particularly worthwhile and cannot happen without help from people in the states.  As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I have become heavily involved with a working group of volunteers called the Gender & Development Council (GAD). Every summer, GAD, in partnership with local Ukrainian organizations, organizes two summer camps for Ukrainian youth, ages 14-17. Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and Camp TOBE (Teaching Our Boys Excellence) provide a unique opportunity to gather 40 girls and 20 boys from different parts of Ukraine to participate in a camp dedicated to learning about gender issues, leadership, and team building.

In order to make these camps a reality, we need your help to raise $8,361. With just a small donation you could send a Ukrainian child to camp for one day for only $13, or pay for copies of camp materials for only $25. Sending one child to camp for the entire week is only $72.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation ($10, $20 or more) to help us make camp GLOW/TOBE an amazing experience for young people in Ukraine.

You can make a donation at the following website:

If the link doesn’t work, you can try going through the Peace Corps Website.  Go to

  1. On the left side will be an option that says “Donate to Volunteer Projects”.
  2. Once you have clicked there, you should click on “View All Volunteer Projects” on the right side.
  3. Put “Ukraine” in “Country of Service” and “GLOW/TOBE Leadership Summer Camp” in “Keyword Search”.

That should do it.


Thank you all so much!  I know you can’t all donate, but we appreciate any help we can get.

Happy Women’s Day!!!!!!


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